September 13, 2006

What is a FAQ?

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 A FAQ is an acronym for the phrase, Frequently Asked Questions.  The acronym is usually pronounced ‘fak’ or F.A.Q.  The acronym is a reference to a special document found on many websites that consists of a list of commonly asked questions and their answers.
 The questions and answers all revolve around a particular topic.  Usually the FAQ appears as its own webpage, or even a series of pages.
 For example, the website on AARP Healthcare Options has a FAQ that will answer questions such as “What is AARP Healthcare Options?” or “Do you sell Medicare Part B medical supplies?”
 Very often, if a person is new to a website or an online service, he or she can find the FAQ for that service and have most of his or her questions answered.  If you are stuck, try to find the FAQ before you make yourself frustrated.  Chances are other people have had the same questions and the people who operate the website or service have the exact answer you need.
 A person can find the FAQ by clicking on the “Help” or “Support” link at a website.  The page the link takes you to will often have a FAQ.
 Versions of FAQs have been around since the 1980s when the Internet was first starting to rapidly grow.  In fact, the idea of the FAQ has become so commonplace that it has even moved off of the World Wide Web and appears with real products.  Very often a new product, such as a DVD player, will arrive with a slip of paper in the box carrying the title of FAQ on it.
 There are literally thousands, perhaps millions, of FAQs, though nobody has taken the time to count them all, and the FAQs cover a wide range of topics.

Saving Your Pictures to Your Computer

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Saving your  pictures to your computers isn’t that hard, but it does take a few minutes to do. This is one of the easiest lessons to learn and once you do you’ll be having fun.  You can get photos in your email as an attachment or actually in the email itself, we’ll go over both step by step. 

You just received an email that has a beautiful picture of your grandchild in it, that you want to save to your computer. Not sure how? That’s okay, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

An Attachment
An attachment email will have what looks like a small paperclip beside the email in your inbox.

1.  Click on the email to open it up.

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the attachment link. There should be a place that says, “Save to Computer,” click on it.

3.  If you have yahoo mail it’ll take you to another page that lets you know if there is a virus. I know this may seem annoying but it is very helpful, sometimes a virus goes through someone’s email and only makes you think they are sending you a photo.

Always make sure you know the person that is sending you an attachment. NEVER download a picture or file if you don’t know whom the sender is.

4.  Click download attachment and a small screen will appear with the options, Open, Save or cancel. Click the save button.

5.  A screen will appear that has a drop down screen to show all your files. Scroll down until you find your “My Pictures” link and click it.  Pick the folder you want it to go in and name your picture. Don’t forget to click save before exiting. If done properly, you should have another box pop up with Open, Open Folder or Close. Click Open to view your picture or close if you will look at it later.

If you are viewing your photo, depending on the program you are using you should be able to minimize or maximize it using the magnifying glass on your screen. Now, you too can see your grandchild, even if she’s miles away and you don‘t have to wait for it to come in the mail. 

Picture in the Email
An email that has an attachment is a bit different then having it already included in the email. A picture in an email is a little easier to save to your “My Pictures.” Here is three simple steps, this can also be used if you want to save a picture from a website or a blog to your computer.

1.  Click on the email, so you can view the picture.
2.  Take your mouse and scroll over the picture. Right click your mouse, it will have a small menu pop-up.  Choose the “Save Picture As.”

3.  A bigger box will appear from your computer that will take you to your “My Pictures” folder.  Choose which folder you want it to go in.  Name your pictures and click save.  It’s that simple. 

For those that may not know, pixels are the tiny dots that make up a picture on the computer. There are hundreds of small dots that create the masterpiece you see in front of you. Every dot is a certain color, some may be brown, blue, green or red, depending on what is in the picture.  If you want to see what they look like view a picture in your paint program to the largest setting.

How to Copy and Paste a Picture into Your Paint Program

1.  Right click over the picture you want to copy.

2.  Select copy from the menu.

3.  Go to your paintbrush or paint program. To bring up my paint program, I click the start button at the bottom of my screen and select “all programs.” This brings up all the programs I have. Select “accessories” and then paint. 

4.  Go to Edit at the top of the page and select paste. This should bring the picture you want to play with.

5. To resize your picture, click on “View” a drop down menu will appear. Choose “zoom” to resize your picture. You will be able to make it smaller or larger than it already is.

6.  If you actually change your picture in anyway way and want to keep it. Click the save button. Don’t forget to rename your picture.

You’ve learned to save your pictures, the next step is learning how to send pictures.

How to copy and paste

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How to grab a picture from a Website Sometimes when you are cruising around the World Wide Web you might run across a picture or cartoon that you think you can use in an email to your children or as a picture on a greeting card. Did you know that most Web browsers allow you to copy and paste images from the World Wide Web into a WordPerfect or MS Word document?

It’s a simple matter of clicking your mouse on the image one time, then clicking the right mouse button and selecting the copy command. Even though you cannot see that anything has happened, your browser has placed a copy of the image in an invisible location called the clipboard. Now you will open WordPerfect or MSWord and create a new document or open an old document. Next click on the edit drop-down menu and select paste and the image should appear in your document. Now you can save it, or edit it, or get rid of it, whatever you want. This process also works if you want to insert an image into an email. Some websites have special images that won’t allow someone to copy and paste them, so this might not always work. But most websites do not have this special type of image, so if you see something you like you can usually get a copy of it. One important thing everyone should keep in mind is that copying and pasting images from a website may sometimes be a violation of copyright laws. If the website asks that you not use the images, please comply with their request. Also, if you use any material from a website, whether it is text, an image, audio, or video in a formal document, make sure you cite where that material came from. That means to give the site you got it from the credit.

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