September 13, 2006

What is a FAQ?

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 A FAQ is an acronym for the phrase, Frequently Asked Questions.  The acronym is usually pronounced ‘fak’ or F.A.Q.  The acronym is a reference to a special document found on many websites that consists of a list of commonly asked questions and their answers.
 The questions and answers all revolve around a particular topic.  Usually the FAQ appears as its own webpage, or even a series of pages.
 For example, the website on AARP Healthcare Options has a FAQ that will answer questions such as “What is AARP Healthcare Options?” or “Do you sell Medicare Part B medical supplies?”
 Very often, if a person is new to a website or an online service, he or she can find the FAQ for that service and have most of his or her questions answered.  If you are stuck, try to find the FAQ before you make yourself frustrated.  Chances are other people have had the same questions and the people who operate the website or service have the exact answer you need.
 A person can find the FAQ by clicking on the “Help” or “Support” link at a website.  The page the link takes you to will often have a FAQ.
 Versions of FAQs have been around since the 1980s when the Internet was first starting to rapidly grow.  In fact, the idea of the FAQ has become so commonplace that it has even moved off of the World Wide Web and appears with real products.  Very often a new product, such as a DVD player, will arrive with a slip of paper in the box carrying the title of FAQ on it.
 There are literally thousands, perhaps millions, of FAQs, though nobody has taken the time to count them all, and the FAQs cover a wide range of topics.

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  1. Paul Kleinmeulman Says:

    Why don’t you do fun posts…. who wants to know about boring FAQ… not me.

    I wanna know about how to put video on my website or where can I get funny videos. Come on Corena do something fancy would you.


    Paul Kleinmeulman

  2. corena Says:

    Well Paul,

    I put this blog up to help people not as web savvy as you..but I might put some silly things up here too :)


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